Saturday, 17 January 2009

Wise words from the Holy Spirit

I was reading something somewhere and came across something that quiet aptly fits with today's society and online goings on

All this the holy spirit sees, and teaches, simply, that all this is not true. To those unhappy learners who would teach themselves nothing, and delude themselves into believing that it is not nothing, the Holy Spirit says with steadfast quietness :

"The truth is true. Nothing else matters, nothing else is real, and everything beside it is not there. Let Me make the one distinction for you that you cannot make, but need to learn. Your faith in nothing is deceiving you. Offer your faith to Me, and I will place it gently in the holy place where it belongs. You will find no deception there, but only the simple truth. And you will love it because you will understand it"

Like you the Holy Spirit did not make truth. Like God, He knows it to be true. He brings the light of truth into the darkness, and lets it shine on you. And as it shines your brothers see it, and realising that this light is not what you have made, they see in you more than you see.

Hmmm definitely something to really think over his words are mightier than first seems and those that do hurt through loss, slander , defamation , they all hurt the same way. We all know the feeling of hurt for we have all felt it at least once in our lives. So why can't we stop the hurting we know it's a horrible feeling to have bestowed upon us , one we would all rather do without so why dish it out to others for that is as bad as physical harm itself. It's not nice to hurt another you yourselves know that too. So do something about it. Stop all this hurt , make this world a far better place and show those watching that you have forgiveness and that you can get over it and let it go. Realise all that pent up feelings send them out to the divine and in return you will be sent love and warmth until then. We are cold humans with no feelings but hurt and anger, which would you rather have.

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