Friday, 9 January 2009

For Mediumysticss - - -

That address than entitles this post will lead you to Mediumysticss. Remember when typeing that to include that second s but if you so forget not to worry for diverts you to the exact same place. Mediumystics was put together about 8 years ago by Kathryn who's dream was to create a place and deditcate it to her late father Fred. Well Kathryn you couldnt ask for a finer way to honour his memory and your dream. She stands strong today. All sites have there shares of ups and downs and Mediumysticss (MM ) is not exempt from this but she has come through it always with her members and staff in full support.

Mediumystics is a free spiritual community offering a wide range of classes and free readings. From time to time they have the odd special guest speaker sharing there experience with members and staff alike so that they may learn from what has been learnt over many years.
The spiritual community is all about comming together and helping each other where possible. In my eyes and opinions this site shows just that. She has been a strong sturdy oak tree root for many that have entered that sight and she still plays that same position today for so many seeking comfort through loss of a loved one of family trauma. Nothing to big or small to be shared here where others can help and learn from it.

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