Monday, 12 January 2009


What is Mediumystics that I refer to on this blog?

Well Mediumsytics or MM as it's commonly called is a warm hearted spiritual community who offer free classes to everyone. They hold annual readathons that raise money for charity , some well known some not so well known. They have memorial pages for those that we have lost in this our Earth Walk.

Mediumystics can be found that they following address ...

both these addresses lead you to Mediumystics where there in contains chat rooms that are seen to be busy every night although as some of you may have seen in YouTube they claim this site to be empty and that staff are in using many names to make it look busy. I have this knowledge in good standing that staff do not use more than one name in rooms. The only staff who are allowed to use their " Sunday" names are managers.

Popular classes are on the go every night. New members joining all the time.
I Have it on good authority that Christmas just past there was a very busy time for them and events were planned through the festive period offering some fun too all members and staff every day.

And now to those on YouTube who have claimed that this site is not caring and shows no respect for there members many who are loyal and have been going year after year. I would think evidence on this matters says other wise wouldn't you. Oh but then you would say that I am making it all up now wouldn't you seeing as that's the sort of people that you are.

You use the system take from it what you need and then trash what you don't is that the case.
You want to bring down such lovely peaceful sites because you have no more need for them. Because you can't go there anymore doesn't mean you can chase others off.
Just because you did not approve of or agree with how the site was being run while you were there does not mean you can chase others away or stop them from going there.
You used that system while you were there. You Also Abused that system in full knowing of what you were doing at the time.
You say they staff in these places are allowing themselves to be walked over and pushed about through fear or consequence, then you have the cheek and cold heartily courtesy of saying that they are no better than the management that run it.

If the staff are no better than the management, In my opinion that's good because they are doing what they should be doing and that is keeping a site free from trouble as much as possible. Yes staff may be in rooms but that's just a name. The person behind the name may not be sat at the computer every minute they are in.

Fact is Management are meant to be strict, they have to be when putting the needs and welfare of others first and for the safety of others.

But no you don't see this as being the case you will take there words out of context and contort them into something that they are not making them look bad when in reality they are not.

Mediumystics and all spiritual site across the Internet you have my full support and that of others for all the good you do and joy you bring to others.

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