Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Up and coming Mediumystics event

First of Thank you SpiritJustice for adding me as a co-author to this blog. I know you haven't been on as much as you would like to due to personal matters.

Well everyone up and coming in Mediumystics this month we have a guest speaker.
Jacky Newcomb also known as the angel lady will be in mediumysitcs on Wednesday the 25Th of Febuary at 9pm.( sorry lol had january there that was a mistake )
Her last visit to MM was a very popular time and everyone thoroughly enjoyed her time there. It was greatly appreciated for her to take time out of a busy schedule and to return to do yet another talk and answer your burning questions.

Jacky Newcomb is an international award winning writer, Sunday Times best selling author, broadcaster, paranormal experiences expert, and columnist. Jacky has published hundreds articles about angels, afterlife experiences and spiritual phenomenon.

Jacky is the author of eight books on positive paranormal themes. Her books have been published in many different languages (including Japanese, Hungarian and Dutch) and have sold hundreds of thousands of copies around the world.

She is a popular radio and TV guest and has worked with such people as presenter Gloria Hunniford, Most Haunted's David Wells and Richard Felix, and musician and presenter Myleene Klass. Jacky has appeared on many television shows including This Morning LK Today and LivingTV's 'Psychic Live'... She is currently looking for her own show!
Jacky is a expert in:
Spirit guides,
Near death experiences,
Out of body experiences,
Past lives,
Between lives and before life memories,
Psychic children/new age children (indigo, crystal and rainbows),
Psychics and mediums,
Afterlife contact
Psychic protection
Guided meditations

You really need to look at Jackys website for more information on this wonderful lady. It is always a pleasure for us when Jacky comes to Mediumystics and we look forward to seeing her again on the 25th Febuary


  1. Blessings to you Jacky xxxxx We at Mediumystics are thoughroughly looking forward to your next vist :)